The Truth is Dumb Podcast #5 “Showtime” Chris Davis

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The Origin of the Special Men, Sheik Rasheed, Jimmy Horn, The Photon Trio, why he has no webpage, youtube channel, twitter, twinkler, or any of that crap, Jumbo Walsh, Bubble Bath, his mom’s preferred IM client, general luddite philosophy, a spot on sportscaster impression, conditioning vs safety, booking agents vs talent buyers, you gotta take their money, recording prep and gig prep, why drummers get paid less per hour, why young guitar players play stupid, highs and lows!, having a fan in Florida, Hotel X? Lex?, harmolodics, so forth…

Chris Davis is a drummer living in New Orleans

He does not have a website.

The Truth is Dumb – the Podcast!

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If you haven’t seen, the first few episodes of the podcast are up now! Click above where it says The Truth is Dumb Podcast!

The Truth is Dumb Podcast #4 Kyle Astreaux Cripps

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Kyle Astreaux Cripps is in the studio! We talk about: High School band, Parent’s records, salt, highs and lows, sports analogies, Sean Peyton Get Coached DVD, team vs solo sports, why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling, how to practice when other people can hear you, why stuffing a sock in your sax isn’t right, Eddie Harris, how to electrify a saxophone, sports motivation, tolerating a cat, chemistry, Blind Melon, relax with making the songs, his new records coming out.

Not everyone can dance like MC Hammer so some us have got to learn to really rap!

Kyle Cripps is a multi-instrumentalist living in New Orleans.

The Truth is Dumb Podcast #3 Ted Long

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Number 3! I talk to bassist and organized thinker Ted Long. Ted had so much insight that at times I forgot we were doing a podcast- Fascinating point of view. Another well-balanced musician!

Topics include: Playing with Irma Thomas, playing for the gig vs playing for yourself and how to do both, what does “Just do you.” mean?, Jerry Jumonville, the four pillars of gigs, being extraordinary, playing guitar in a hole, heartfelt moments, the Rock, motivation, being open to what inspires you, having your skin in the game, slapping, inspiration doesn’t just strike, creating art and momentum, hitting inspiration when you have to leave, success and being prolific, Adam’s 4 steps to success, diet and body, Effortless Mastery and more!

Ted Long is a Bass Player in New Orleans

The Truth Is Dumb podcast #2 Graham Robinson

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Adam talks with bass player, engineer and all-around musical character  Graham Robinson. Topics include: highs, lows, how to learn music, chem-trails, the bohemian club, open G tuning, hedonism, the true nature of reality, the multiverse, or eBay, plus meandering and aimlessness.  Also, it turns out Pas Perdu means “Not Lost”!

Graham Robinson is a Bass Player living in New Orleans.

The Truth Is Dumb Podcast #1 Bill Richards

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For the first Truth is Dumb Podcast, Adam sits down with longtime collaborator Bill Richards (Russell Batiste Band, Colin Lake Band, Sweet Willie Dix, Adam Crochet & the Louisiana Smooth Blues). Topics include: Getting a gig, playing live, Bourbon St. gigs, funky drummers, opening for Morris Day and the Time, sending messages to yourself from the future, epigenetics, the dentist, connecting and relating, and retirement funds.

Bill Richards is bass player living in New Orleans.

Festival Season!

I’m excited to be playing again at the New Orleans French Quarter Festival.  This year, I’ll be performing for the first time on the BMI Songwriter stage! And catch me with the man, Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, as well!

Carnival Time Already!

Has it really been 5 months since I’ve posted here at the site.  It’s been fun!  I did a short run with the Honey Island Swamp Band up to Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis area.  The Jerk Offisers EP has been mixed and we smashed up the New Years weekend!  La Cloosterfoose trips the jam fantastic. I’m posting the upcoming dates now.  Also look out for my podcast: The Truth is Dumb to debut this year!



It’s the summertime! The Jerk Offisers are in full swing on the new recording and check out our new logo!  We have one show listed on the shows page.

Check back for more upcoming dates.

French Quarter Fest

It’s Festival Season again!  We are doing a pre-French Quarter Fest show tonight at the Oop Oop Pah Do Bar on Orleans Ave. and I’ll be back at the Fest this year supporting Real Good Love.

We will be playing Friday 4/10 at 11am on the Big River Stage by the aquarium.  Later I’ll be back on the stage with Big Chief Monk and on Saturday I’ll be with the Wild Magnolias on the main stage at I wanna say 5:45.  Might find me popping up anyplace…  See you out there!