The Truth Is Dumb #10 Bill Richards, Kelly Smith, Mark Grissom, Mark Kryvanick

ttid 6-20-2018Birthday Podcast! Out Now!!! Probably!

Guests: Bill “Doesn’t Usually Drink so much” Richards, Mark “Walked Home” Grissom, Kelly “Drank Responsibly” Smith, Mark “Social Drinker” Kryvanick (Hosted by Adam “Blasted” Crochet)

Topics include: Significant others, biting, promoting on Facebook, putting out songs, writing songs, live music in the future, jiu jitsu, hearing something a lot, periods of not enjoying music, is Paul Simon ok?, happy and sad music, meet older ladies, overtaking a person, Tom Marron, ladders, you don’t want to break your pelvis, bidets, balneol, charming delusions, dry/wet/dry delusions, butt-chugging, modern dating, ancestry, T-Sproles, sleep-fucking, dolphins, polar bear game, app dating, books, Unsolved Mysteries, The Music Box Village, fantasy jobs, Doug Deitrich, cajun pride, it gets pretty loose honestly

This Episode’s Book: The Cat Who Went Bananas by Lilian Jackson Braun


TTID 0009 Jon Siegel and Kelly Smith


For this Episode we welcome Jon Siegel of the Wanda Jackson Band and my former New Orleans bandmate in a group called Jonas Risin. Also returning, another of Siegel’s former co-conspirators and also mine, Kelly Smith!

Topics include: guitar pedals!, dry sound, hemorrhoids, stealing, library gigs, 6 degrees of Damon Metzler, Gladney, Jonas Risen, Pocketfoxx, The Adam Crochet Band, Wanda Jackson, gigging, low-altitude training, low-altitude cooking, Jay Robert, beautiful frontmen, the juice is worth the squeeze, death, brain plug, kids these days, computers talking, and so much more!

The Truth is Dumb Podcast #8 Alan Broome, Roan Smith, Kelly Smith

Welcome Back! Season 2 is here- Enjoy Episode 1!


Alan Broome, Roan Smith, and Kelly Smith!

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Topics Include: New light gear, the new generation is weak, the upright bass looks serious, hearing yourself, big gigs vs intimate gigs, when should a boxer turn pro, highs and lows, white satchmo, love and appreciation, it’s easier to do it than to question it, bad songs you like, synths, songs growing on you, walkmans, appointments, rambling, 500 cats, what would you eat, sweating, frazetta, the idea of 311, dope, why people learned music, introverted vs extroverted, the joy of meeting people, Alan’s elbow story, balance, post-apocalypse plans, uh…

find this Episode’s Guests Online: – great music! – great homes! – great art! – great singing!

The Truth is Dumb Podcast #7 Part 2 w/ Graham Robinson, Kelly Carlyle Smith, and not Ted Long

Part 2? What!?!

TTID #7 part 2

Ted went off to a gig but we stayed and kept drinking. Presented here for your enjoyment is the thoughtful contemplations and drunk preachy nonsense of Adam Crochet, Kelly Carlyle Smith and Graham Robinson. This one is a lot of fun- don’t miss it!

Topics include: Can we get back to that aliens thing?, future intelligence, racism, connectivity, old internet porno, the library, futurism, the spiritual element, great adult experiences, early musical leanings, musical families, nature vs nurture in music, youthful mischief, music in the family, lacrosse, your parents and safety, an ass for every seat, having a good energy, trying to make it feel good, surprises on the gig, playing a song, technology in music, selfish gene, leverage, living under the sea, as slow as you can go, favorite bad songs, New Edition,the Rembrandts, Weird Al, porno theaters, animal sexuality science, horse lovers, things a civilized hides, siblings, don’t hurt nobody, how to steal our music for free, positive drug stories, cover your junk, drug law reform, Soul Press wah pedal, tech vs beautiful, NIN, and plugs for gigs that already happened.

Graham Robinson and Kelly Carlyle Smith are Bass Players living in New Orleans.

The Truth is Dumb Podcast #7 Kelly Smith, Ted Long, and Graham Robinson


Welcome Back! Sorry for the delay but we are back with a brand new thing- The first ever Truth is Dumb group podcast! Returning guests Ted Long and Graham Robinson are joined by Kelly Carlyle Smith who is making his first appearance on TTID!  Kelly is a songwriter and bassist currently playing with the Asylum Street Chorus. Full disclosure: Kelly is also a Jerk Offiser.

This one is a hum-dinger- I had to split it into 2 parts! In Part 1, we hit the ground running and get up every time we fall. Topics include (but are not limited to): Irvin Mayfield stole from the library, You gotta be confident, Or do you?, Insecurity, Getting gigs and how to be on the gig, Preparing for gigs, Fluoride in the water, Turn your head and couch, Glory holes, Bar bathrooms, Graham for mayor, Part of your body knows what to do, Exercise, Mid city eats, Lemonade, Pokemon conspiracy, First Cup Cafe, What’s the secret to the music industry- (good songs),  Do ETs exist and will they reach us, If my life is a paid fun experience, Teaching the blind to ski, Aliens, Robots… and more!

Kelly Carlyle Smith is a Songwriter and musician living in New Orleans

The Truth is Dumb Podcast #6 Ryan Clute

So it’s kind of late, it wers also French Quarter Fest! Haply Festival Season!
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Topics include:

Over-dressing or dressing well, krav maga, it’s not beefs, it’s young man beefs, why it’s good to have been fired from a gig, writing your bio, working on a cruise boat- in the band, barging houses across the lake, not how to raise a house, where do all these chickens come from?, finding the hot buttons, shyness, new game: Probably a Conspiracy or Definitely?, everyone is a hypocrite, empathy and compassion, addiction, the cycle of self-reward, synth-bass emulation, the future of pedals, vocational gigs, bass power, old Bourbon St., flying a freak flag, the audience, lows!, the War of Art, Scribd, Bass Player Magazine #1, rural routes, what they don’t teach you in music school, politics, shotgun houses explained, brussell sprouts, flash freezing, collectivism v. individualism, too many things really.

Ryan Clute is a bass player living in New Orleans (on the other side of the lake).

The Truth is Dumb Podcast #5 “Showtime” Chris Davis

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The Origin of the Special Men, Sheik Rasheed, Jimmy Horn, The Photon Trio, why he has no webpage, youtube channel, twitter, twinkler, or any of that crap, Jumbo Walsh, Bubble Bath, his mom’s preferred IM client, general luddite philosophy, a spot on sportscaster impression, conditioning vs safety, booking agents vs talent buyers, you gotta take their money, recording prep and gig prep, why drummers get paid less per hour, why young guitar players play stupid, highs and lows!, having a fan in Florida, Hotel X? Lex?, harmolodics, so forth…

Chris Davis is a drummer living in New Orleans

He does not have a website.

The Truth is Dumb Podcast #4 Kyle Astreaux Cripps

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Kyle Astreaux Cripps is in the studio! We talk about: High School band, Parent’s records, salt, highs and lows, sports analogies, Sean Peyton Get Coached DVD, team vs solo sports, why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling, how to practice when other people can hear you, why stuffing a sock in your sax isn’t right, Eddie Harris, how to electrify a saxophone, sports motivation, tolerating a cat, chemistry, Blind Melon, relax with making the songs, his new records coming out.

Not everyone can dance like MC Hammer so some us have got to learn to really rap!

Kyle Cripps is a multi-instrumentalist living in New Orleans.

The Truth is Dumb Podcast #3 Ted Long

TTID Podcast Logo Banner Long

Number 3! I talk to bassist and organized thinker Ted Long. Ted had so much insight that at times I forgot we were doing a podcast- Fascinating point of view. Another well-balanced musician!

Topics include: Playing with Irma Thomas, playing for the gig vs playing for yourself and how to do both, what does “Just do you.” mean?, Jerry Jumonville, the four pillars of gigs, being extraordinary, playing guitar in a hole, heartfelt moments, the Rock, motivation, being open to what inspires you, having your skin in the game, slapping, inspiration doesn’t just strike, creating art and momentum, hitting inspiration when you have to leave, success and being prolific, Adam’s 4 steps to success, diet and body, Effortless Mastery and more!

Ted Long is a Bass Player in New Orleans

The Truth Is Dumb podcast #2 Graham Robinson

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Adam talks with bass player, engineer and all-around musical character  Graham Robinson. Topics include: highs, lows, how to learn music, chem-trails, the bohemian club, open G tuning, hedonism, the true nature of reality, the multiverse, or eBay, plus meandering and aimlessness.  Also, it turns out Pas Perdu means “Not Lost”!

Graham Robinson is a Bass Player living in New Orleans.