The Truth Is Dumb #10 Bill Richards, Kelly Smith, Mark Grissom, Mark Kryvanick

ttid 6-20-2018Birthday Podcast! Out Now!!! Probably!

Guests: Bill “Doesn’t Usually Drink so much” Richards, Mark “Walked Home” Grissom, Kelly “Drank Responsibly” Smith, Mark “Social Drinker” Kryvanick (Hosted by Adam “Blasted” Crochet)

Topics include: Significant others, biting, promoting on Facebook, putting out songs, writing songs, live music in the future, jiu jitsu, hearing something a lot, periods of not enjoying music, is Paul Simon ok?, happy and sad music, meet older ladies, overtaking a person, Tom Marron, ladders, you don’t want to break your pelvis, bidets, balneol, charming delusions, dry/wet/dry delusions, butt-chugging, modern dating, ancestry, T-Sproles, sleep-fucking, dolphins, polar bear game, app dating, books, Unsolved Mysteries, The Music Box Village, fantasy jobs, Doug Deitrich, cajun pride, it gets pretty loose honestly

This Episode’s Book: The Cat Who Went Bananas by Lilian Jackson Braun