The Truth is Dumb Podcast #3 Ted Long

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Number 3! I talk to bassist and organized thinker Ted Long. Ted had so much insight that at times I forgot we were doing a podcast- Fascinating point of view. Another well-balanced musician!

Topics include: Playing with Irma Thomas, playing for the gig vs playing for yourself and how to do both, what does “Just do you.” mean?, Jerry Jumonville, the four pillars of gigs, being extraordinary, playing guitar in a hole, heartfelt moments, the Rock, motivation, being open to what inspires you, having your skin in the game, slapping, inspiration doesn’t just strike, creating art and momentum, hitting inspiration when you have to leave, success and being prolific, Adam’s 4 steps to success, diet and body, Effortless Mastery and more!

Ted Long is a Bass Player in New Orleans