The Truth is Dumb Podcast #6 Ryan Clute

So it’s kind of late, it wers also French Quarter Fest! Haply Festival Season!
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Topics include:

Over-dressing or dressing well, krav maga, it’s not beefs, it’s young man beefs, why it’s good to have been fired from a gig, writing your bio, working on a cruise boat- in the band, barging houses across the lake, not how to raise a house, where do all these chickens come from?, finding the hot buttons, shyness, new game: Probably a Conspiracy or Definitely?, everyone is a hypocrite, empathy and compassion, addiction, the cycle of self-reward, synth-bass emulation, the future of pedals, vocational gigs, bass power, old Bourbon St., flying a freak flag, the audience, lows!, the War of Art, Scribd, Bass Player Magazine #1, rural routes, what they don’t teach you in music school, politics, shotgun houses explained, brussell sprouts, flash freezing, collectivism v. individualism, too many things really.

Ryan Clute is a bass player living in New Orleans (on the other side of the lake).