The Truth is Dumb Podcast #7 Kelly Smith, Ted Long, and Graham Robinson


Welcome Back! Sorry for the delay but we are back with a brand new thing- The first ever Truth is Dumb group podcast! Returning guests Ted Long and Graham Robinson are joined by Kelly Carlyle Smith who is making his first appearance on TTID!  Kelly is a songwriter and bassist currently playing with the Asylum Street Chorus. Full disclosure: Kelly is also a Jerk Offiser.

This one is a hum-dinger- I had to split it into 2 parts! In Part 1, we hit the ground running and get up every time we fall. Topics include (but are not limited to): Irvin Mayfield stole from the library, You gotta be confident, Or do you?, Insecurity, Getting gigs and how to be on the gig, Preparing for gigs, Fluoride in the water, Turn your head and couch, Glory holes, Bar bathrooms, Graham for mayor, Part of your body knows what to do, Exercise, Mid city eats, Lemonade, Pokemon conspiracy, First Cup Cafe, What’s the secret to the music industry- (good songs),  Do ETs exist and will they reach us, If my life is a paid fun experience, Teaching the blind to ski, Aliens, Robots… and more!

Kelly Carlyle Smith is a Songwriter and musician living in New Orleans