The Truth is Dumb Podcast #7 Part 2 w/ Graham Robinson, Kelly Carlyle Smith, and not Ted Long

Part 2? What!?!

TTID #7 part 2

Ted went off to a gig but we stayed and kept drinking. Presented here for your enjoyment is the thoughtful contemplations and drunk preachy nonsense of Adam Crochet, Kelly Carlyle Smith and Graham Robinson. This one is a lot of fun- don’t miss it!

Topics include: Can we get back to that aliens thing?, future intelligence, racism, connectivity, old internet porno, the library, futurism, the spiritual element, great adult experiences, early musical leanings, musical families, nature vs nurture in music, youthful mischief, music in the family, lacrosse, your parents and safety, an ass for every seat, having a good energy, trying to make it feel good, surprises on the gig, playing a song, technology in music, selfish gene, leverage, living under the sea, as slow as you can go, favorite bad songs, New Edition,the Rembrandts, Weird Al, porno theaters, animal sexuality science, horse lovers, things a civilized hides, siblings, don’t hurt nobody, how to steal our music for free, positive drug stories, cover your junk, drug law reform, Soul Press wah pedal, tech vs beautiful, NIN, and plugs for gigs that already happened.

Graham Robinson and Kelly Carlyle Smith are Bass Players living in New Orleans.