The Truth is Dumb Podcast #8 Alan Broome, Roan Smith, Kelly Smith

Welcome Back! Season 2 is here- Enjoy Episode 1!


Alan Broome, Roan Smith, and Kelly Smith!

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Topics Include: New light gear, the new generation is weak, the upright bass looks serious, hearing yourself, big gigs vs intimate gigs, when should a boxer turn pro, highs and lows, white satchmo, love and appreciation, it’s easier to do it than to question it, bad songs you like, synths, songs growing on you, walkmans, appointments, rambling, 500 cats, what would you eat, sweating, frazetta, the idea of 311, dope, why people learned music, introverted vs extroverted, the joy of meeting people, Alan’s elbow story, balance, post-apocalypse plans, uh…

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